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NuWave Technology offers full cable trenching services including outdoor cable trenching, fiber-optic cable trenching, phone cable trenching, and computer cable trenching. We also provide your underground cable network with effective and reliable maintenance services. We use the most advanced and least disrupting cable trenching machinery and use only equipment suited for your site.

Aerial Cabling

An aerial cable or air cable is an insulated cable usually containing all conductors required for an electrical distribution system (typically using aerial bundled cables) or a telecommunication line, which is suspended between utility poles or electricity pylons.

Directional Boring

Directional boring, commonly called horizontal directional drilling or HDD, is a method of installing underground pipes and conduits along a prescribed bore path from the surface, with minimal impact to the surrounding area.

The process is used for installing telecommunications & power cable conduits, water lines, sewer lines, gas lines, oil lines, product pipelines and environmental remediation casings. It is used for crossing waterways, roadways, shore approaches, congested areas, environmentally sensitive areas and any area where other methods are more expensive.

Directional boring is used in place of other techniques for the following reasons:

  • Less traffic disruption
  • Lower cost
  • Deeper installation possible
  • Longer installation possible
  • No access pit required
  • Shorter completion times
  • Directional capabilities
  • Safer for the environment