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    Providing a safe working environment is part of a business’s operational goals and access control can make that very easy to accomplish. Control, manage, and identify who has access to where and at what times. Having and documenting visitor access will provide a robust audit of employee and visitor access throughout any needed time frame. […]

  • Design an Emergency Operation Center: What you need to know

    Do you think building an effective EOC is out of your budget? You’re not alone if you answered yes to that question. What is an EOC? An Emergency Operation Center is a centralized location were people coordinate communications and information during, after, and before an emergency. This can be a conference room used as a […]

  • NuWave Internet Service Expands to Fort Recovery

    NuWave Technology is proud to offer Wireless Internet service to Coldwater, OH and the surrounding areas. NuWave recently completed work that will expand internet services to the Fort Recovery region! As an Internet service provider, our goal is to provide our customers with excellent, high speed Internet service at a low rate. With the addition […]

  • Digital Disaster & Recovery: Are you prepared?

    In today’s world of fairly reliable technology and digital storage, most of us take our digital data for granted. We create, save, and move on. Have you ever thought about what would happen if your computer or mobile device just suddenly decided to not turn on? That question leads to many more, which we have laid […]

  • NuWave Donates to C.A.L.L. Food Pantry

    Recently, the NuWave team members joined together to bring donated canned goods, beverages, gently used clothing, and a monetary donation for one of our local food pantries, C.A.L.L. Food Pantry. Only a few NuWave members are pictured, but it was a team effort to come together to donate to those in need.

  • NuWave Supports Local Junior Fair Boosters

    NuWave Technology had the privilege of supporting the Mercer County Junior Fair Boosters. The Mercer County Fair Boosters collectively supported 289 kids at the 2018 Mercer County Fair. NuWave received a Thank You from the 4-H and FFA kids.  

  • NuWave Technician Receives Certification

    NuWave takes pride in maintaining industry standard certifications. Recently, one of our techs, Matt Schott, earned his BISCI Installer Level 2 Certification. What does this mean for you?! NuWave will continue to provide and maintain standard quality installations for your data cabling applications. Great job Matt S. on completing this certification!

  • New Paging / Audio System to Entertain Mercer County Fair Crowd

    NuWave Technology has been working with Mercer County Fairgrounds-Celina, Ohio to provide a paging and sound system for the 4-H barns and show arenas. This system allows them to make announcements for all of the different animal shows and auctions that take place during the fair. NuWave is excited to work with a local organization […]